Nihonbashi delicious eatery Nihonbashi delicious eatery

categoryChinese restaurant
access1 min from Bakuro Yokoyama station
1 min from Higashi Nihonbashi station

Very healthy Chinese restaurant: natural salt, less oil, no chemical condiments!
Using fresh fishery and vegetables from Tsukiji fish market, you can taste Chinese but a little Japanese style.
Once you enter the restaurant, you can feel Chinese atmosphere!
Located next to YAGENBORI FUDO IN temple.
YAGENBORI is the spicy seasoning, inspired by the Chinese herbal drug during the Edo period, and became a popular local specialty of Edo.
You can enjoy Chinese dish using Yagenbori seasoning!!!

AddressHonma bldg. 1F, 2-6-7, Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open hrslunch: 11:00-14:00
dinner: 17:30-22:00
HolidaysSunday and national holidays, 2nd and 4th Saturday
席数22 seats
Website Japanese only
Menu daily lunch JPY880-
EIRAKU-TEI lunch set: JPY945-
course: JPY2500/ person - or more
bottomless cups of drinks: JPY1500- (pls order with course menu)
Yagenbori hot-pot course: JPY2500- / JPY3500-
Memofor course menu, pls make reservations a day before

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